Healthy Living And Eating

It is known to all that people should follow a lifestyle which includes healthy living and eating if they want to avoid serious illness, and live to a ripe old age. But often the very word “healthy,” when used in conjunction with food or lifestyle choices, scares most people off of the idea. It’s amazing how much impact a single word can have on a person’s behavior and their choices in life.

It’s not that people don’t want to be in good health or that they don’t want to live longer, it’s that it sounds like too much “work.” When something sounds like it’s going to be too difficult to maintain or even start, most people will avoid it like the plague or procrastinate in an attempt to avoid doing it.

For the most part we do not, in our modern world, have much influence over our environment like contamination, pollution etc., and nobody could come and suggest that living in a big city is becoming to our health. Other than moving to a pristine location there are other things we can control to help us live healthier.

We have changed the way we eat and what we eat drastically in the last few thousand years. But folks, our body and digestive system did not change. We all know about evolution and adaptation and it takes many thousands of generations to ‘accomplish’ any changes, works well for insects and other critters with short life spans, but our bodies and the digestive system did not have enough time to adapt to our modern ways of eating. We are stuck with a body and a digestive system that is thousands of years behind our modern eating habits and we are better off if we start catering to the system we actually have!

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