Discover Delicious Astronaut Ice Cream

Discover Delicious Astronaut Ice Cream

Not everyone has always had the chance of getting to try astronaut ice cream in the past, and it’s often the case to where those who haven’t tend to wrinkle their nose up in disgust at the idea alone. Even so, those have had a chance to try out this delectable treat often discover that it can generally be a delicious-tasting and interesting spin on an otherwise ordinary dessert.

Traditional ice cream is favorite for many people across the globe, often bringing on fond thoughts, memories and cravings. With freeze-tried options, many people also find that they crave it and that it can be equally memorable, regardless if they’ve tried it in their youth or as an adult.

While the dehydrated version certainly can’t cool down people as with the more traditional version, it manages to be a favorite for people and it can work throughout year, whether if it’s a warm or cool day. What’s more is the fact that there’s no need to worry about it melting or getting freezer burned, ensuring that it’s long-lasting and just as addicting as the traditional kind.

Surprisingly enough, this tasty treat was first developed by the Whirlpool Corporation for NASA’s Apollo mission during the 1960s. The process involves removing water from small slabs of the product, which is first done by putting in a vacuum chamber and lowering any air pressure, so that it turns into ice. At this stage, the ice turns into a gas that is frozen in order to crystallize it.

After the gas inside of the product has been turned into a crystallized state, the air pressure is lowered again and the air is forced out. Heat is then applied, followed by a freeze coil application, which traps any vaporized water. Although the process is time consuming, many find that it’s well worth the wait and the effort.

Astronaut ice cream is a fun and exciting thing for many to try, regardless of what their age might be. They come in numerous flavors such as vanilla, mint chocolate chip, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate and Neapolitan.

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