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Slap Chop Review

Have you seen that hilarious commercial that says “dice, chop, and mince in seconds” by Slap Chop? It is a handheld mini food chopper that can dice, chop, or mince any fruit, vegetable, nuts, or herbs you want.

Slap Chop

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How does it work? You just have to slap the plunger several times, and with its W-shaped blades, you can get the finer dices you want to have for any dish you would like to prepare. But despite its general functionality, surely moms, chefs, and even culinary students would want to know if this kitchen equipment can really help. Is it really worth buying? Does it do what it promises? Here are a few points that may help you decide whether to buy or not to buy this product.

The Pros of Slap Chop Remix:

  • You can bring it anywhere.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Can chop most foods evenly and easily.
  • Very easy to clean and store.

The Cons of SlapChop Remix:

  • Does not work well with tomatoes.
  • Even in potatoes; it just stuck in the blades.

But these Cons can be resolved. How? A Slap Chop user found out that the easy way to use this chopper effectively in tomatoes is to half a tomato facing down not facing up. That’s the trick.

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While there are a few downsides on this product, it still has the ability to perform many tasks. Toss a quarter of onion in the chopper and you can now start with your Italian Rigatoni in seconds. Toss your favorite pecan nuts and in a few seconds you can top it in your favorite ice cream. What else? Chop celery easily on your soup dishes, salads, dips, and spread, prepare a bunch of nachos in minutes, use the cheese grater for pasta dinners, and a lot more!

Take Slap Chop Review:

In conclusion, Slap Chop is a kitchen wonder. It is dependable, usable, and very easy to clean. This is an item any kitchen should have. Here what two of its satisfied users have to say:


 “I got it and it really worked great! Once I put the onion the wrong way, it got stuck; but when I figured the right way, it worked perfectly. See, most dislike this product. But thinking about its affordability and the convenience it gives you on chopping those onions, I don’t have to chop onions anymore! It really has done its job! I’ll be trying the grater next time.”


 “Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Saves me a lot of time and a lot of effort too! Truly a must own for anybody who is always on the go.”

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Slap Chop


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