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13-Bean Soup Recipe



Servings: 12, Serving Size: 1 cups  |  Prep Time: 15 minutes


2 cups 13-bean mix

lb smoked, center-cut pork chops, fat trimmed

3 quarts cold water

2 medium onions, chopped

3 celery stalks, chopped

3 cloves garlic, crushed

2 16-oz cans tomatoes, chopped

tsp pepper

⅛ tsp cayenne pepper

cup dried parsley

2 bay leaves

⅛ tsp cloves

Dash marjoram or other dried herbs to taste

4 medium carrots, diced


Nutrition Facts



1 Starch

1 Vegetable

1 Very Lean Meat


Calories 170

Carbohydrate 29g

    Dietary Fiber 7g

    Sugar 6g

Fat 1g

Sodium 258mg


  1. Sort and wash the beans. Cover with water and soak overnight.
  2. Drain the beans, rinse and return to a large saucepot. Add all remaining ingredients except the carrots. Simmer for 1 hours or until the beans are tender. Stir occasionally.
  3. Add the carrots and simmer 20 minutes longer. Serve while hot.

Fun Facts / Cooking Tips

Bean soups are very popular in the markets of Southern cities like Savannah, New Orleans and Charleston. This bean soup is not only popular but highly nutritious too. This healthy soup recipe make up of beans is not only low in fat but high in fiber. High fiber and low fat soups are the healthy diets for diabetic patients.

Tips: Any combination of beans will make a delicious soup.



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