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Food and Nutrition


Food nourishes by furnishing the body with much needed nutrients. Food replenishes energy, supplies materials for the building and upkeep of tissues, and provides substances to regulate the processes of the body. Some food may serve only one of these functions while others, a combination of the three. In a balanced diet, food should serve all three functions to promote health and well-being.


Everyone knows the importance of eating healthy and nutritious foods. What we eat determines our general health. Knowing that not everyone knows how to choose healthy food or understands the nutritional information about food, we strive to provide these important information.


In this section, you will learn how to improve your overall health by making healthy food choices. By choosing the right food, you could lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some cancers. Get your family to join you and they will lower their risk as well.


We also provide useful information about popular nutritional foods. Nutrition superstars such as avocado, leafy green vegetables and wheat germ are good source of dietary fiber and certain vitamins, as well as excellent source of calcium. These foods give you an above-average dose of nutrition for your calories. They are what nutrition experts call "nutritionally dense foods".


To ensure good health, enjoy a wide variety of foods with the following general guidelines. Each day, eat five or more servings of vegetables and fruits; six or more servings of grain and whole grain products and legumes; two servings of lean meat, poultry, seafood or vegetable protein; three or more servings of fat-free or low-fat milk products for most adults, two or more for children, four for teenagers and older adults, and three to four for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Each week, include at least two servings of fish, especially oily fish.


Yes you can learn about nutrition facts. Yes you can pick the right food for yourself and your family. And yes you can eat healthy, cook smart and live happier!


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