Treating diabetes mellitus

The treatment of the diabetic is to alleviate all these symptoms of weight loss, thirst, the passing of large volumes of urine, weakness and tiredness. Susceptibility to infections in the kidneys (pyelonephritis) and in the lungs (pneumonias) are common problems faced by the diabetic. Of course prevention of the possible fatal episodes of coma is mandatory. These complications of the disease are easily alleviated by dietary discretion and specific treatment for the diabetic state.

There are also “long-term” disease states associated with diabetes mellitus (“long-term” meaning a period of 15-20 years usually). Specific organs of the body like the kidneys and the eyes begin to lose their function. Kidney failure is one of most common causes of death in the diabetic, while blindness due to diabetes is the most common cause of blindness in the adult.

Not only are strokes and heart attacks 3 to 4 times more common, they also occur at a much younger age in the diabetic than in the non-diabetic. These two “long-term” complications add to the morbidity and mortality of diabetes mellitus. Although many doctors believe that these long-term complications of deteriorated organ-function states of diabetes mellitus may not be averted, all generally share the same opinion that proper diet, hygienic lifestyle and adequate treatment may delay these terminal disease states by several years.

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