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Healthy, delicious and simple.

* A practical guide to tasty and healthy low sugar recipes, diabetic recipes and sugar-free cooking *

Here at Low Sugar-Recipes.com, we focus on providing a large variety of low sugar or sugar-free, low carbohydrate and low fat recipes from around the world. The free recipes at our website are also suitable for diabetic patients and people who seek healthy diets to prevent obesity and diabetes.


Excessive sugar consumption has been indicated to link with increased health hazards, including type 2 diabetes, tooth decay and obesity. Diabetes is a disease that causes the body to metabolize sugar poorly. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney disease, amputations and heart disease. Type 2 diabetes is well recognized as a disease that is a consequence of our modern lifestyle, including obesity, too much refined carbohydrates with too little fiber to slow down the absorption of sugar, sedentary lifestyle, lack of minerals and excess fat in our diet. There is also increasing link between sugar and obesity. Multiple new studies have found out that obesity is highly correlated with sugar consumption. Fat consumption is no longer the root cause of obesity. This is because we are getting high percentage of calories from simple carbohydrates, mostly white sugar. High sugar consumption also increases the risk of tooth decay. Oral bacteria in dental plague metabolize sugar into lactic acid, leading to tooth decay and demineralization.


Eating healthy can be challenging. With proper guidance to great-tasting and easy-to-use recipes, we hope to bring healthy eating habits to people worldwide. There are recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. Recipes range from American and European styles to Mexican to Asian and Indian styles. All of our recipes come with nutritional facts that include calorie count and fat grams per serving. To make using healthy recipes more interesting and informational, we also include cooking tips and/or fun facts about food nutrition and human health in most of our recipes.


Low carb and low fat. High flavored and tempting. Quick and easy to prepare. Enjoy light and healthy meals with old-fashioned good taste!

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