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Dopes and Type 2 Diabetes: Information

What is wholegrain? Whole grain refers to the use of the entire grain. Most of the time, as farmers harvest the wheat or other grains, they send the kernels to the mill for grinding. Consequently, the milling process removes the harder outer layers. The softer interior becomes the refined white flour that makes up most of the white breads and pastas that are so popular. When dealing with rice, all rice comes from the field as brown whole grain rice. During the processing of those rice kernels, they remove all the husk and reveal the white interior. The whole grain products always use the entire kernel instead of just the processed interior. These products bring more nutrition and fiber than their refined offspring.


What is fiber? Fiber is actually something our bodies do not digest. Fiber passes through the entire digestive tract 99% unchanged. Fiber comes from the outer layers of many plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, and grains. If it is indigestible, why is it so important to a Diabetes Diet? Ingesting fiber has many benefits that help regulate blood glucose levels and insulin levels. The most important is that fiber forces the patient to eat slower as chewing thoroughly before swallowing is essential. It is an undisputed fact that fiber also slows digestion once the food enters the stomach and small intestine. This means the body will absorb foods that might spike glucose levels slower. Fiber also satisfies hunger faster, thus keeping overeating in check.


What is bran? Bran is the outer layer taken off of grains during processing. It is a reported fact bran is a great source for the ideal fiber in a Type two Diabetes patient’s diet. The good news is it also contains a fantastic deal of plant protein and holds many essential vitamins and minerals. It can come from wheat, oats and rice as well as just about any other grain source. Many people often add bran back to their diet to assist with their digestion issues. The best way to get it back into a Type 2 Diabetes diet is to start with whole grain foods. These naturally contain wholegrain, fiber, and bran. It is accepted that as with other carbohydrates, moderation and pacing is imperative with most grain based foods in diabetes.

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