Kosher Cafes And Bakeries In L. A.

Enjoy stopping by a kosher cafe or bakery in LA, whether the town is your house or you are just visiting. There are so many times that folks are out shopping, visiting buddies or getting out of a movie and need to enjoy a quick break or light lunch before continuing their day.

Nana Restaurant Cafe on South Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles offers some of the best features that casual restaurants provide in this particular part of Southern California. Free WiFi, outside seating and a casual environment are good for the gamily and groups. A further bonus is it's a kosher bistro and has many vegetarian entrees. Service may be more keen and maybe that will improve with time.

A charming smaller eatery and bakery, Bibi’s Warmstone Bakery on West Pico Boulevard in LA has lovely flooring, brick walls and cute tables. The glass counters show off the delicious baked items and the fresh items is prepared demonstrate the freshness and colour of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Pizza, freshly baked in the big cooker, is great when salad is also ordered. It provides a filling meal for just about anyone.

Delice Bakery on West Pico Boulevard in LA is superb for pudding or brunch. Dress is casual although costs are high. There is no waiter service. Outside seating is part of the charm. Those who hunger for exquisite croissants will please with an order of either the almond or chocolate. Street parking is available and the register staff is agreeable. Kosher food is healthy and Delice’s bakers are fantastic at their job, making everything flavorsome.

If it has been a while since you treated yourself, stop by one of those places soon. Take advantage of the chance to sit outside in the warm sun or relax inside with friends.

Ilan Gez is a Net entrepreneur and the owner of the Jewish Kosher restaurants and catering in Los Angeles guide. This guide also provides some of the best Jewish pastry and Kosher bakery in Los Angeles.

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