Three Mouthwatering Valentines Day Treats That Won’t Destroy Your Healthy Lifestyle

As Valentine’s day draws near, you may wish to get thinking about treats that you can enjoy to make the day memorable. If you are like many people that are conscious about eating healthily you may also be considering what things that you can eat without expanding your waistline.

While Valentine’s day is definitely a special day and there’s no denying that, this does not necessarily mean that it is time to completely throw your diet out through the window and eat to your heart’s content.

You still must maintain some form of control of your menu plan so that you can walk away feeling happy about the day as well as about your body.

Dishing up a high calorie meal followed by a very high calorie pudding after-wards will make you feel great whilst serving it, but you will not be feeling so great after-wards.

Let's look at a few sweet Valentine’s Day treats that will not utterly derail your diet plan.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit

The first sweet way to find enjoyment in this special day is with some chocolate dipped fruit. If you make your own chocolate dip using healthier ingredients like dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate and olive oil rather than butter, it won't be as negative to your waistline.

Additionally, chocolate dipped fruit will have you consuming less chocolate overall than a box of chocolate truffles for example, so its a good way to satisfy your desires.

Fruits such as bananas, pineapples, strawberries, or raspberries will give you the fiber you need to keep your appetite under control.

Apples With Whipped Topping

The second treat to serve up this valentines is apples served with whipped topping.

To prepare the glaze, mix together some light cool whip with some low-sugar fruit flavoured yogurt. This may add additional flavour while also boosting the total protein content of this treat too.

Dip your apples in it and you’ll have a crunchy, sweet treat that is sure to satisfy. People who are really looking to lift their protein content of their diet may additionally want to think about adding some protein powder into this dip also.

Chocolate Crepes With Strawberries

Finally, the last sweet treat that will not destroy your diet is chocolate crepes with strawberries.

To prepare these, mix together one scoop of chocolate protein powder with 2-3 whites of the eggs and a touch of sweetener. Pour this onto a hot pan just like you would a normal pancake, flipping at half-time when the edges are bubbling (after around 1-2 minutes).

Once the opposite side is cooked, remove from the pan and smear on a little fat free cream cheese and crown with some strawberries.

Serve with a whipped topping if you really want to jazz these up or with 1 or 2 slivered almonds instead.

Roll up and serve.

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