Special Occasion Cakes: Nutritious Birthday Cakes

A lot of people have sweet tooth. However, they try to resist eating a bite of decadent special occasion cakes for one reason: they want to avoid putting more weight.

Cakes are known to have extremely high caloric count. Moreover, a lot of them are baked using artificial flavors or sweeteners. Over time, eating these kinds of cakes can cause potential health issues, including increasing bad cholesterol level along with even certain kinds of cancer.

It’s a good thing, bakers have realized a way to combine healthy lifestyle and cakes. Today you can consume healthy cakes without feeling guilty. Here are some pointers:

Get rid of the artificial sugar.

What is a cake without sugar? It is undoubtedly unimaginable, but it is needless to say real. Many people prefer it! Moreover, you can allow the cakes taste sweet in a healthier way. Utilizing real fruits, in this instance, is a good idea. Fruits contain natural sugar. You may also use stevia.

AllowLet other flavors to be more obvious.

Another process to consume healthy cakes is to not settle for too much sweetness. Instead, you allow the tastes of other parts to become more prominent. Mint is indeed a fantastic flavor for the birthday cake. Cakes, moreover, can be according to other ingredients as in carrots. Other cake decorators also utilize molasses as well as cinnamon.

Go forPick healthy brands.

Cake decorators can accommodate special requests, such as the kinds of brands you love. Of course, you have to pay a premium, although you are confident you are eating nutritious healthy cakes. You can now find a variety of vegan brands in the market. They do not possess artificial flavors, and if you cannot sustain lactose, they may be devoid of dairy. Another preference is to pick low-fat ingredients. Cakes can be made from frozen yogurt, which is made up of innumerable friendly bacteria that assure a healthier colon.

Go for cupcakes.

Meanwhile, how many bites must you consume to savor the cake’s flavor? Choosing cupcakes sees to it everyone has a piece, albeit small, of the special occasion cakes. Further, you can employ better portion control.

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