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Salads Recipes


"Rabbit" food is never boring when it is presented in colorful, crunchy, deliciously moist and tasty ways. Served cold or hot, our salads recipes will certainly add a refreshing taste to your meals. Our collection of low sugar and diabetic salad recipes may even out-shine the roast or grill you choose to serve them with.


Never forget, these salads recipes also out-shine the meats and poultries by their rich nutrition. Salads add bulk, fiber, vitamins and minerals to your diet, but very few calories. They are, therefore, important part of your everyday healthy meal. They can also be accompaniments to your main course dish.


We are proud to bring to you a whole variety of low sugar and low carb salad recipes. You are sure to find them inspiringly delicious and healthy!


Low Sugar Salads Recipes

Apple-Beet Salad Low Carb

Black-Eyed Pea Salad

California Corn Salad Low Carb

Citrus Gelatin Salad Low Carb

Cantaloupe Wedges with Ginger

Tropical Lemon Gelatin Low Carb

Black Bean Cucumber Boats Low Carb

Low-Fat Summer Fish Salad Low Carb

Pineapple and Seashell Salad

Low-Fat Buttermilk Coleslaw Low Carb

Spicy Crab Meat Salad Low Carb

Low-Fat Herbed Shrimp Salad Low Carb

Healthy Potato Salad Low Carb

Low-Fat Lemony Shrimp Salad Low Carb

Citrus Salad Recipe Low Carb

Cranberry Walnut Salad Low Carb

Easy Coleslaw Low Carb

Cranberry Pecan Turkey Salad

Farmer's Market Veggie Salad Low Carb

Salad Greens Mixed Herb Low Carb

Spinach Salad Low Carb

Southern Chicken Salad

Green and Gold Salad Low Carb

Bean and Apple Salad

New Waldorf Fruit Salad

Fruit Ambrosia Salad

Low Calories Tomato Feta Salad Low Carb

Low-Calories Russian Salad

Low-Fat Simple Salad Cups Low Carb



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